Therapeutic Landscapes Database

Last week we Clipped an article in plant identification by leaf pictures the  about healing gardens, and a kind reader wrote in to tell us about the Therapeutic Landscapes Resource Center.

This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to providing information to the public about restorative landscapes, healing gardens, wellness gardens, and other research-based healthcare design. Their website features a wealth of reference materials, garden locations, and links regarding landscapes for healing.Just a few examples of healing landscapes below. Healing gardens offer a means of decreasing the sense of isolation that patients experience in institutional settings by providing opportunities for interaction, meditation and physical exercise. These landscapes often feature accessible meandering pathways and mazes for contemplation as well as portunties partake in the peaceful act of gardening.We've always found the website for Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagiestes (that's "Landscape Architects" for you non-franophones) to be rather amusing with it's theme of a landscape architect's Disneyland, excuse-moi, Courmierland in this case, with Frontierlandscape, Fantasylandscapes, Tomorrowlandscapes and Adventurelandscapes. To our dismay, the website is currently a bit low on content, but their work is interesting to browse even in abbreviated form.

What made us decide to feature Monsieur Cormier today was the discussion of our recent  post, which made us think of Cormier's design of Place d'Youville also in Montréal (shown right and below with more text).

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