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Digital civics goes abroad

By Colin M Gray1, Austin Toombs1, Marlo Owczarzak1, Christopher Watkins1

Purdue University

In this article, we document a study-abroad trip from Purdue University to the U.K., where 13 undergraduate and graduate UX students were divided into teams and participated in design sprints with sponsorship by Open Lab researchers over a 10-day...

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Version 1.0 - published on 13 Jan 2020

Licensed under CC0 - Creative Commons


Gray, C.M., Toombs, A.L, Owczarak, M. & Watkins, C. (2019) Digital civics goes abroad. Interactions, 26, 2, 74-77. DOI:

While we do not have the space to go into depth on our findings from the sprints, the collected descriptions of student experiences are derived from a rich set of data collected prior to the study abroad, throughout the study-abroad experience, and in interviews conducted several months after the trip. This data takes the form of written reflections, group oral reflections, artifact analysis, and interviews, through which we describe the ways in which students conceptualized their identity as a designer [4] and refocused their identity in relation to a broader role they might play in society.

The goal of the organizers—two faculty who teach UX design at Purdue University—was to engage students in a global experience that increased awareness of intercultural capacity and understanding of difference. 

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