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Meet the Intercultural Learning Hub (HubICL)

With the support of CILMAR, we developed a Hub for promoting intercultural learning, as well as providing opportunities and resources for engaging with, adapting to, and bridging across cultural difference. We mentor intercultural leaders, support innovative scholarship, and encourage best practices in teaching and learning.

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Networking Opportunities

HubICL is a collaborative space for individuals and institutions to learn and grow from one another’s ideas, programming, and resources on intercultural learning. We hope to connect and foster relationships between students, teachers, scholars, and professionals as we digitally share our vocabulary and methods. HubICL will make it easier to share resources and collaborate across institutional and international boundaries. You can start your own groups, invite others to join, and easily exchange teaching or assessment materials. We encourage you to share a resource (ranging from publications, presentations, teaching tools, etc.) with your colleagues on HubICL, as well to contribute to the HubICL forums, publish a blog, and ask or answer questions.



A major component of HubICL is our Toolbox, a digital collection of intercultural activities to use in your classrooms or at programs. Sourced from submitted contributions, books on intercultural learning, and other resources, the Toolbox describes the activity’s length, group size, required materials, and access information. Tools are searchable and describe how they fit into the AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Intercultural Knowledge & Competence and the stages of the Intercultural Development Continuum. The Toolbox will continue to grow if you give reviews, make notes on activities, and contribute your own activities. All submissions to the Toolbox are curated and edited before acceptance.

When citing an original tool created by a contributor to the HubICL, use the following example as a guide:

Lastname, F.M. (n.d.). Name of tool. HubICL Toolbox. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from [tool URL].

Jones, D. (n.d.) Worldview questionnaire. HubICL Toolbox. Retrieved March 11, 2020, from


Research Repository

Our Research Repository is a collection of open-access publications on a variety of intercultural learning issues. These documents appeal to a wide audience and can include adapted conference papers, research papers, white papers, or pedagogical papers. All submissions to the repository are curated, and we do not guarantee acceptance. We encourage submissions from scholars and students at all stages of their academic journeys.