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Intercultural learning is the process of "acquiring increased awareness of subjective cultural context (world view), including one's own, and developing greater ability to interact sensitively and competently across cultural contexts as both an immediate and long-term effect of change" (Bennett, 2009, S2). Intercultural learning scholarship aims to better understand this process and discover the most effective ways to facilitate intercultural competence.

Academics may think of ICL as a rich body of research, practitioners may think of ICL as a working knowledge of how to lead and debrief a series of experiential tools, and students of all ages may think of ICL as steps taken to encourage growth in intercultural attitudes, skills, and knowledge.  All are correct. 

The HubICL is designed to link all of these audiences and to meet the specific needs of each audience. For example, a user may do any or all of the following: contribute research to the repository, answer a question in the forum, create a group of scholars with which to work on a project, and/or find ICL tools to use in the classroom.

The HubICL was created by the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR). Mentorship is CILMAR’s middle name. We endeavor to create a space in which all are enriched through the mentorship of one another in this exciting and growing field.

In May 2019, the GoAbroad Innovation Awards honored the HubICL with its annual award for "Innovation in Technology."



Bennett, M.J. (2009). Defining, measuring, and facilitating intercultural learning: A conceptual introduction to the Intercultural Education double supplement. Intercultural Education, 20, S1-S13.

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The HubICL is free to join. However, we require that you create a membership to enjoy all our resources and to connect with other members. To create an account, you can click "Login" or click the link below. You have the option to create a new account or login with your Google account, a Purdue University career account, or with another institution’s login. The HubICL does not have any access to any account information if you choose to log in with these accounts. 

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The HubICL is a collaborative space for intercultural specialists, teachers, and students to network, share information, and collaborate on research across institutions. We envision the HubICL as a place to turn to ask questions, find activities, and advance or build your intercultural vocabulary. The first way to share in the HubICL is to become a member, then you’ll have access to Groups, Forums, and our Questions & Answers page. In Groups, you can build your own HubICL community and find members with similar interests. You can start your own group (public or private) for a research project or create a new group on a specific topic. Forums are a place to start a large-scale discussion on a topic, while you can submit a short question to the Questions & Answers page to receive an answer from a community member(s). 

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Research Repository

Our research repository is a collection of open-access publications on a variety of intercultural learning, teaching, and assessment issues. These papers vary from white papers, adapted conference papers, and research or pedagogy papers. All submissions to the repository are curated, and we do not guarantee acceptance. For a full list and description of the types of papers the HubICL accepts, please visit the “Terms of Use” page.

You can use the Research Repository in three ways. The first is to read and learn from your peers’ publications. You can also submit a publication directly to the HubICL by visiting the Research Repository and clicking “Start publishing” to attach a file. Lastly, you can use the Research Repository to collaborate on a project with other members. You can begin a new project and invite members by clicking the “Start a new project” button in the Research Repository. 

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A major component of the HubICL is our searchable Toolbox, a digital collection of intercultural tools to use in your classrooms or at programs and workshops. Sourced from submitted contributions, books on intercultural learning, and other resources, the tools offer group activities, course designs and content, multimedia, and assessment materials. The Toolbox is open to submissions from members, but they are not guaranteed. All tools are edited and curated before acceptance. We hope members will submit their own tools, as well as edit a tool’s “Notes” on their experience after use.

For a video guide on how to upload an experiential tool, visit this link.  

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The Intercultural Learning Hub is sponsored and administered by Purdue University's Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR), a unit within the Office of the Dean of International Programs. We welcome collaboration on the HubICL from interculturalists worldwide. Feel free to reach out to us at cilmar@purdue.edu.