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Four scaffolded experiential activities for engaging with intersectionality

An experiential lesson plan in a self-learning module format for increasing our own and others' understanding of the complexities of intersectionality and how our experience of intersectionality can change with alterations in context.

  1. context
  2. COVID
  3. intersectionality

This self-learning module was originally facilitated as a face-to-face workshop under the title "A demonstration of 5 scaffolded activities for engaging with audiences concerning intersectionality" at the 2022 SIETAR-USA conference in Omaha, Nebraska. You will notice as you look at the outline of this module that there only seem to be four activities, rather than five. Due to time constraints, we were not able to give the history of intersectionality the time it was due at the SIETAR workshop. The first activity which was mentioned during the SIETAR workshop has become a self-learning module of its own entitled "Perspectives on Intersectionality" and is available here as a prerequisite to the content in this module. With one activity now occupying its own module, we are left with only four activities in the current module.

The four activities presented in this module are intended to build upon one another in a scaffolded fashion. We encourage you to find a group of friends, students, or clients and go through the activities in the order given--maybe one a week for 4 weeks. After you've facilitated each one, we ask that you tell us about your experience in a review within the HubICL as an opportunity for your own reflection and to let others know about your experience with each activity.

The theme which binds the four activities together is an emphasis on the interplay between the saliency of different facets of identity in various contexts.