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  1. From Local to Cross-Cultural to Global Work Motivation and Innovation

    Collections | 11 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    This book chapter gives an in-depth look at motivation and goal-setting in cross-cultural work contexts.


  2. Going Your Own Way: A Cross-Cultural Validation of the Motivational Demands at Work Scale (Mind@Work)

    Collections | 11 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    This study demonstrates validity of "an instrument that measures the extent to which workers must deal with such “motivational job demands”; the Motivational Demands at Work Scale...


  3. Motivational effects of hands-on, problem-based, and lecture activities in an introductory college course

    Collections | 11 Mar 2024 | Posted by Purdue CILMAR

    From the abstract: "Groups of five to seven students were assigned learning activities as treatments in a Latin Square design consisting of three experimental periods. At the beginning of...