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  1. Embedding Intercultural Learning into the Purdue Polytechnic Institute Curriculum

    Collections | 29 Mar 2024 | Posted by Purdue CILMAR

    Robert Cox discusses the evolution of his Technology and Global Society (TECH 330) course. Robert Cox (2023). Embedding Intercultural Learning into the Purdue Polytechnic Institute...


  2. Doubly Engaged Ethnography: Opportunities and Challenges When Working With Vulnerable Communities

    Collections | 17 Mar 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    "Understanding the unique challenges facing vulnerable communities necessitates a scholarly approach that is profoundly embedded in the ethnographic tradition. Undertaking ethnographies of...


  3. Going global with Project Based Inquiry Global: Cosmopolitan literacies in practice

    Collections | 15 Mar 2024 | Posted by Purdue CILMAR

    From the abstract: "The authors build on their existing project-based inquiry model to include global themes (e.g., poverty, global water and sanitation, climate change) and cross-cultural...


  4. Classism and Poverty Awareness Quiz


  5. Cultivating Equitable Learning Opportunities for Students Experiencing Poverty (Webinar + Reflection)


  6. Learning to Read the World Through Other Eyes


  7. Reclaiming our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment


  8. Teaching critical self-reflection through the lens of cultural humility: an assignment in a social work diversity course


  9. Webinar Series: An Equity Literacy Approach to Equitable Education