About Us


The Intercultural Learning Hub (HubICL) was created by Purdue University's CILMAR: Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research in 2018. It continues to be funded by Purdue University as a gift to interculturalists worldwide.

The Vision of the Intercultural Learning Hub 

We dream of the Intercultural Learning Hub becoming the on-line collaborative space in which  researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs in intercultural learning share knowledge, research, tools, and tips through contributions to groups, collections, forums, a research repository, and the digital toolbox. 

The Mission of the Intercultural Learning Hub

The Intercultural Learning Hub is an on-line space for those who mentor others--educators, coaches, trainers, facilitators--in intercultural competence, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion, social justice, international education, and/or study abroad.  We hope that you find the Hub to be a wellspring which you visit often to find mentoring and to encourage others, to contribute and to find resources, and to prepare yourself and others for the next steps in the intercultural learning and mentorship journey. 

Join Us

The effectiveness and value of the Intercultural Learning Hub depends in large part on the network of users it attracts and serves.  To become an active collaborator, next steps include:

  • Creating your own account.  An account is offered at no cost to you and will give you access to our digital toolbox, on-line research repository, and a variety of ways to connect with others involved in intercultural learning.
  • Joining and/or creating private user groups in order to collaborate with colleagues or learners.
  • Contributing by uploading your own tools to the digital toolbox and reviewing tools already in the toolbox.
  • Publishing research in the repository of intercultural learning scholarship.
  • Asking a question in the public forum to get responses from the HubICL community.