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All the Rubrics Collection

Some researchers feel that a rubric is not, strictly speaking a qualitative research method. Rather, using a rubric is framework analysis, which is a quantified way of rapidly making sense of lots of textual or qualitative data. Others call it "an inherently comparative form of thematic analysis which employs an organized structure of inductively- and deductively-derived themes (i.e., a framework) to conduct cross-sectional analysis" --in other words, a qualitative methodology. Knowing about framework analysis may become important when you are submitting your research article to a journal that tends to favor quantitative analysis methods. (Look it up in Google Scholar or Web of Science for the latest on this debate.)

In the meantime, the above link will lead you to a collection of the rubrics curated into the HubICL.

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Qualitative Intercultural Assessment

This collection was created to highlight qualitative methods for assessing intercultural and global competence and qualitative tools in the HubICL, principally those which are open-source. It also provides access to some key readings about validity and reliability of qualitative research.

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