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  1. BONUS: Qualitative Intercultural Research Collection

    Collections | 01 Dec 2023 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    This collection archives readings which address the more inclusive nature of qualitative research, the aptness of qualitative methods for institutional research and at least one focus group...


  2. Transculturation Coding Scheme

    Collections | 01 Dec 2023 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    Developed by a team of award-winning Purdue graduate students (who have since all gone on to tenure-track positions around the world) this coding scheme helps make one make sense of writing about...


  3. Group B: Rubrics and Qualitative Tools that pair well with the AAC&U Intercultural Competence Rubric

    Collections | 01 Dec 2023 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    This link leads to all the Group B instruments mentioned on the worksheet for intentional intercultural learning, plus some extras to support more & better qualitative assessment and research.


  4. Understanding Student Experiences in Global Virtual Team Projects | Seed Grant 2021

    03 Feb 2022 | Publications | Contributor(s):

    By Joseph M Tort1, Siddhant Sanjay Joshi1, Bruno Staszkiewicz Garcia1, Niall A. Peach1, Francisco J. Montalvo1, Kirsten Davis1

    Purdue University

    The purpose of this study was to gain a holistic perspective of students’ experiences in a global virtual team project to explore what and how they learned through the experience.


  5. Coding Student Artifacts Using the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Rubric

    05 Apr 2023

    How to use the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence rubric to code student artifacts in NVivo.


  6. Cultural Self-Definition


  7. Transculturation Coding Scheme


  8. Virtual Exchange Qualitative Toolkit