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Focus Group Questions for Study Abroad Returnees

This focus group protocol (question set) was developed to probe the learning outcomes of engineering students who have completed junior year abroad programs; it asks open-ended questions about language skills, intercultural skills, engineering skills and professional skills. Questions can be found in the appendix of the article, between the conclusion and the references. The article exists behind a scholarly paywall, so log-in via a scholarly library account if possible.

Otherwise, a similar focus group protocol, somewhat less engineering-focused but open-source, may be found on the website of the University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center.

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Qualitative Intercultural Assessment

This collection was created to highlight qualitative methods for assessing intercultural and global competence and qualitative tools in the HubICL, principally those which are open-source. It also provides access to some key readings about validity and reliability of qualitative research.

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