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Developing Globally Competent Engineering Researchers

Source: Jesiek, B. K., Haller, Y., & Thompson, J. (2014). Developing Globally Competent Engineering Researchers: Outcomes-Based Instructional and Assessment Strategies from the IREE 2010 China Research Abroad Program. Advances in Engineering Education, 4(1), n1. 

The study reports on a summer engineering research abroad program – International Research and Education in Engineering (IREE) 2010 China. The authors used a mixed-method approach to collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. Data source included primarily surveys, scenario-based tasks, reflective activities and blogs, interviews, focus groups, and trip report. The findings report improved learning outcomes from IREE in perceptions of readiness for a sojourn abroad, language proficiency, universal-diverse orientation, and global engineering competency.

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Publications on Intercultural Learning in Study Abroad Setting

The collection includes publications, presentations, and reports in the field of intercultural learning specifically in study abroad setting. 

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