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What kinds of tools can I submit to the HubICL’s toolbox?

The Toolbox has five types of tools: experiential activity, assessment, media, reflection, and curriculum. The experiential activities can be used for teaching activities and conference or group activities. The Toolbox also offers materials for assessment, reflection prompts and activities, as well as course materials such as syllabi, assignment sheets, or rubrics. Finally, it also features recommended multimedia, such as online videos or films. If you aren’t sure if your tool is appropriate, you can contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why are some tools pink-colored?

All pending tool submissions are visible in the Toolbox as pink to distinguish them until they are officially accepted and edited by a member of the HubICL. These tools may be missing information or not be formatted appropriately.

Does the toolbox provide all the materials I need for an activity or course?

The toolbox provides a wide range of materials from course syllabi, videos, and activities. The HubICL strives to offer as many complete tools as we can, with links to online readings or handouts for activities. However, some of our tools require access to outside sources, such as a required purchase or material in a book. When running a search, you can select no “external cost” to remove any tools requiring a purchase. The HubICL also recommends a short list of helpful books for intercultural activities to aid with use of the Toolbox.

When can I expect to see my tool published?

All pending tool submissions appear with a pink color in the Toolbox until officially accepted. The HubICL staff meet to discuss new tools about every two weeks. It can take up to three weeks to see your tool in the HubICL. Moderators may also contact you if they have want to clarify any material in your tool, have concerns about its content, or request changes to your materials. Tools are not guaranteed acceptance to the HubICL, but these submissions will receive acknowledgement.


What if I see a source that has been misattributed in the Toolbox?

As the HubICL is a collaborative effort for many widely-used activities, we know that users may not always know the origin of a tool. However, we want to correct any errors or inconsistencies. If you believe a source is cited incorrectly or misattributed, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information, please visit:


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