Nuances of Transnational Research | Seed Grant 2018

By Vashundara Kaul

Purdue University

Join us for Vashundara Kaul's presentation of her work funded by the 2018 CILMAR Seed Grant program.

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Version 1.0 - published on 05 Feb 2019

Licensed under CC0 - Creative Commons


This research was funded by the 2018 CILMAR Seed Grant.

As part of the HubICL collection of 2018 CILMAR Seed Grant Awardee presentations, Purdue University’s Center for Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research is proud to present this video on Purdue PhD student Vashundara Kaul’s CILMAR-funded project, Nuances of Transnational Research. In her video, Vashundara reflects on the lessons she has learned about entering into unfamiliar and sensitive cultural contexts to conduct ethnographic research. She provides suggestions for making contacts, interacting with interviewees, and other best practices of intercultural qualitative methodologies.

If you are interested in applying for the CILMAR Seed Grant, information can be found here: Applicants should be employed and/or pursuing a course of study at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus.

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