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Intercultural Development Outcomes of 24 Purdue Short-term Study Abroad programs

By Katherine N. Yngve

This report discusses learner outcomes of 24 "faculty-led" programs ranging in length from one to four weeks abroad, and compares outcomes of leaders who have had intercultural mentoring training as opposed to those who have not.

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Version 1.0 - published on 06 Feb 2019

Licensed under CC0 - Creative Commons


This study looks at outcomes of a faculty training program, in terms of intercultural development gains of the participating students; as measured by a well-known and rigorous instrument: the intercultural development inventory.  In a sample of over 300 students, using matched-pairs pre and post administration of the instrument, it was found that very short programs can, if the faculty are properly supported in learning to enact cultural mentoring, produce intercultural competence gains comparable to well-designed, intentionally developmental semester programs (such as those described by Vande Berg, Paige and Lou, 2012) .

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