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  1. Interactive—Even Fun!—Resources for Reviewing the Intercultural Development Continuum Slides

    Collections | 26 Apr 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    These are the slides from my session presentation entitled "Interactive—Even Fun!—Resources for Reviewing the Intercultural Development Continuum."


  2. Nov 16 2022

    2022 NAFSA Region VI and VIII Conference - Interactive (even fun!) resources for reviewing the Intercultural Development Continuum

    Chair:Annette K. Benson, MS.Senior Public Relations ConsultantPurdue University-Main CampusLafayette, INDescription:Beginning with an overview of the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC),...


  3. Comparison of pre-intervention IDI results from STEM and non-STEM undergraduate students

    12 Jun 2020 | Publications | Contributor(s):

    By Anne Lucietto1, Liza Russell1

    Purdue University

    This meta-analysis compares IDI pretest or baseline scores for Purdue STEM students with non-STEM students in published studies, drawing conclusions about disciplinary differences in orientations...