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  1. When “Home” Spans The Globe: A Look At How The Concept Of Home Is Constructed By Highly Mobile High-Skilled Transnational Migrants

    Collections | 01 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    This paper, written by Megan Norton, intercultural communication specialist and trainer, describes the stories of transnational migrants and how they construct and negotiate the idea of...


  2. Sundae Schneider-Bean's In Transit Podcast

    Collections | 01 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    Sundae Bean is an intercultural strategist, transformation facilitator, and solution-oriented coach, who invites guests on her podcast to talk about living across cultures, transformation, and...


  3. Transculturation Coding Scheme

    Collections | 01 Dec 2023 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    Developed by a team of award-winning Purdue graduate students (who have since all gone on to tenure-track positions around the world) this coding scheme helps make one make sense of writing about...


  4. College of Education

    Collections | 18 Jan 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    Reclaiming our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment, a media resource Multicultural Education, a collection Publications of Transculturation Team, a collection Say It In...