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    Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist

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    Purdue University

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    Aletha Stahl, PhD, is a senior intercultural learning specialist at the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorships, Assessment and Research and affiliated faculty in Comparative Literature at Purdue University. A faculty member for more than two decades at Earlham College where she also led off-campus programs to places like Haiti, Martinique, and Benin, she moved to Purdue to broaden her understanding of higher education and to deepen her skillset by partnering with faculty and staff as they mentor and teach. Aletha works with curricular needs assessments and intervention design, manages programs such as Growing Intercultural Leaders, develops curricula, and teaches. Her research has focused on intersections of language and power in the Caribbean, specifically the role of Creole during the Haitian revolution and in contemporary literary movements, and on the scholarship of intercultural teaching and learning.

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