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  1. Self-Directed Research Project on Intercultural Knowledge and Competence

    Collections | 25 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    A short written project designed to familiarize students with an area of intercultural knowledge and competence in which they would personally like to grow and to help them achieve that growth. 


  2. Presentation to Purdue University's School of Languages & Cultures (March 2019, excerpts)

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Excerpts from a presentation introducing the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR) to the School of Languages & Cultures (SLC) at Purdue University....


  3. Intercultural Learning Outcomes - the AAC&U VALUE rubrics

    Collections | 08 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    The American Association of Colleges and Universities have created over the past decade or more a set of 16 rubrics referred to as the VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate...