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  1. Communication Pacing in "Among Us"

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    In this activity, participants will play Among Us, an online multiplayer (4-10) social deduction game where individuals are categorized as either crewmate or imposter. Each round everyone either...

  2. Anglo-Dutch Translation Guide

    Collections | 12 Feb 2021 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

    This list provides a series of statements often made by British people and corresponding columns of what the intended meaning is next to the Dutch interpretation of the meanings. This displays how...

  3. Dec 17 2020

    Intercultural game sessions - Lead like a Maestro diversophy®

     Bring people together – the power of interaction· each Thursday at 6pm UTC ·December 17th: "Lead like a Maestro: How to Create an Ensemble Across...

  4. Intercultural Communication Resource Pack — SALTO-Youth

    Collections | 11 Jun 2020 | Posted by Annette Benson

    The Intercultural Communication Resource Pack, created by the SALTO-Youth Cultural Diversity Resource Centre, contains resources and activities that address issues related to intercultural...

  5. 2019 IPG Workshop #3

    Collections | 14 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

  6. Adapt Your Pitch

  7. Assessing Intercultural Competence Survey (for adolescents)

  8. Can Anyone Hear Me?

  9. Communication Pacing in "Among Us"

  10. Engaging with Communication Styles Through Board Games

  11. Finding Your Feet

  12. Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI)

  13. Persuasion

  14. Raise Negotiation Activity

  15. Role of Culture in Team Communication, The

  16. Tuning Your Messages

  17. Understanding Miscommunication

  18. What Would You Do?

  19. Worldview Questionnaire