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  1. Wei - 2021 Seed Grant - “At the Bottom of the Food Chain”: Constructing Academic Identity in Engineering Education as International Graduate Students

    04 May 2022 | Reports/White Papers | Contributor(s):

    By Siqing Wei1, Cristian Eduardo Vargas-Ordonez1, Tiantian Li1

    Purdue University

    As international graduate students, we propose this work-in-progress project to better understand the “historically accumulated, culturally developed, and socially distributed resources” of the...

  2. Preparing Students for Intensive Global Fieldwork

    13 Dec 2019 | Publications | Contributor(s):

    By Mary K. Pilotte1, David F. Radcliffe2

    1. Purdue University 2. Swinburne University of Technology

    This paper argues that by carrying out an integrated series of technical investigations and cultural activities in a foreign country, students can have a realistic experience of global engineering...

  3. Global Engineering Competency Scale