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BONUS: Intercultura Assessment Protocol

The Intercultura organization, a non-profit research institute based in Italy, has developed a rubric, logbook and teacher's observation guide, which taken together provide an authentic multi-methods way of making sense of student learning from study abroad.  Perhaps even more important, it was developed specifically for use in secondary school contexts.  The rubric itself was influenced deeply by the AAC&U rubric, retaining curiosity & self-awareness from that conceptualization of intercultural competence. Additional constructs it measures are: adaptability, conflict resolution, critical reflection, respect for diversity and knowledge of the local context and language. Everything in the toolkit was originally developed in Italian, but is now also available in English.

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Group B: Rubrics and Qualitative Tools that pair well with the AAC&U Intercultural Competence Rubric

This collection gathers together links and provides notes about four items that will help you make sense of qualitative data and behavioral data, designated as Group B on the worksheet for intentional intercultural learning, above.  It also contains links to an earlier HubICL collection which suggests readings that will improve your ability to advocate for the use of qualitative data analysis and to do it better.

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