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  1. Intercultural Praxis Case Study Activity

    Collections | 01 Dec 2021 | Posted by Annette Benson

    In this activity, participants will read a case study about a diverse group of students attending an environmental justice event. The students in the case study have conflicting viewpoints about...

  2. Dec 24 2020

    Intercultural game sessions - Holidays around the World diversophy® (part 1 of 2)

    Bring people together – the power of interaction· each Thursday at 6pm UTC ·This is an invitation to the intercultural educational game diversophy®. In a safe gaming...

  3. Dec 17 2020

    Intercultural game sessions - Lead like a Maestro diversophy®

     Bring people together – the power of interaction· each Thursday at 6pm UTC ·December 17th: "Lead like a Maestro: How to Create an Ensemble Across...

  4. Nov 26 2020

    Intercultural game sessions - Denmark diversophy® - part 3

    Bring people together – the power of interaction· each Thursday at 6pm UTC ·November 26th: Tolerance and equality, expressing one's opinion, enjoying the time together -...

  5. Icebreakers that Teach: The Name Game and Voices from the Past

    Collections | 03 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    If you were to click on the Discover top menu and choose Tags, you could search for a term such as Icebreaker. Forty-three tools come up in that search. We think of these tools as...

  6. 2019 IPG Workshop #1

    Collections | 14 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

  7. Week 06 - Discovering Your Personal Brand

    Collections | 14 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

    This workshop focuses on helping international scholars to discover their value-add as someone working in their field who has the advantage of international experience and requisite skills inherent...

  8. Guidance for students as they get to know one another

    Collections | 10 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    This set of questions might be a good way for pairs or small groups to get to know each other in a COIL/international virtual education experience. I would encourage the use of synchronous meeting...

  9. A good activity for pre-COIL orientation

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    D-I-E (Describe, Interpret, Evaluate) is an oldie but a goodie with an unfortunate name! When preparing students for study abroad or a COIL/international virtual education experience, it can be...

  10. More media possibilities - documentaries from Crossing Borders Education

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    There are several excellent recent documentaries from CBE that work well to prep students for intercultural interactions, helping them to develop more self-awareness, openness, and empathy. These...

  11. White Privilege: How to Move Beyond Guilt or Defensiveness toward Positive Action

    Collections | 25 Jul 2019 | Posted by Yu-Chuan Chen

    Testing 1, 2, 3

  12. Critiques of Peace Corps, Volontourism, etc.

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Readings from various sources (and uneven quality of writing) that draw attention to international volunteer "do-good" efforts and to Peace Corps as a US government program operating in a...

  13. AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Identifies components of intercultural competence and a framework for assessing them. Widely used in higher ed since it is produced by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

  14. Raising Self-Awareness and Developing Intercultural Competence by Activating Personal Filters (article)

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Scott-Monkhouse, Anila & Rigamonti, Enrica. (2015). Raising Self-awareness and developing intercultural competence by activating personal filters. CASALC Review. Abstract excerpt:...

  15. Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory (ICS) Group Debriefing

    Collections | 25 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Slides used with PCP students who had taken the Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory. Used to generate self- and other awareness.

  16. When empathy looks like apathy: Baby Boomers and Millennials at work

    Collections | 19 Feb 2019 | Posted by Julie Medlin

    “The lack of empathy between Baby Boomers and Millennials isn’t the result of an inability to understand the attitudes and motivations of people born into a different generation. I...

  17. Lifestyle: Do Millennials lack empathy?

    Collections | 19 Feb 2019 | Posted by Julie Medlin

    Of interest to the preparation of the presentation on "Teaching the skills of intercultural communication and empathy across the generations" was the following:   “Dr....

  18. I Am Poems

    Collections | 01 Feb 2019 | Posted by Annette Benson

    Using a template, participants write about their own life experiences and then share their reflections with others.

  19. #Blog Feature: Childhood Saying

  20. Accident Exercise, An

  21. Adapt or Be Yourself

  22. Adaptation Scenarios

  23. Advertising and Marketing Across Cultures

  24. AEM-Cube®

  25. AFS Global Competence Certificate

  26. Albatross

  27. Alien Among Us, An

  28. Allegory Objects

  29. Always and Never

  30. American Denial (Film)

  31. American Textures

  32. Analysis of an Intercultural Interaction

  33. Analyzing Cultural Self-Awareness and Worldview Differences

  34. Applying Cultural Intelligence in Daily Work and Life

  35. Archie Bunker's Neighborhood

  36. Assessing Intercultural Competence Survey (for adolescents)

  37. Attribution Exercises

  38. Auditing Your Personal Networks

  39. Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE)

  40. Avoiding Common Equity Detours (Webinar + Reflection Exercises)

  41. Awareness Exercises: What to Feel/Do

  42. Barnga

  43. Becoming Self-Aware of American Culture Thru Hamilton

  44. Behavioral Rubric for Intercultural Competence

  45. Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)

  46. Beth--Place Called Home, A

  47. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules Volume One (REL1)

  48. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules Volume Two (REL2)

  49. Beyond the Comfort Zone

  50. Big Five Inventory-2

  51. Big Wind Blows, The

  52. Birds of a Feather

  53. Block Exchange

  54. Blog Abroad

  55. Body Parts Debrief

  56. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

  57. Brief Mindfulness Practice

  58. Building a Better World : The Pedagogy and Practice of Ethical Global Service Learning

  59. Building a House for Diversity

  60. Building Global Competency in the Intercultural Classroom

  61. Building Team Communication

  62. Building Utopiastan

  63. Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education

  64. Chain of Diversity

  65. Chair Power

  66. Changed or Not?

  67. Check Your Bias Blind Spot

  68. Chiji Pocket Processors

  69. Chiji Processing Cards

  70. Chiji Processing Dice

  71. Circle of Trust

  72. Circles of My Multicultural Self

  73. Clapboard Skits

  74. Classism and Poverty Awareness Quiz

  75. Clifton StrengthFinders

  76. Color in Culture

  77. Columbian Hypnosis

  78. Comfort with Discomfort

  79. Commemoration Activity

  80. Communicating across Cultures (Agriculture Multicultural Course)

  81. Communication Flexibility Scale

  82. Complete the Picture

  83. Complimentary Round Table

  84. Connect Your Cultural Dots

  85. Consensus Cards

  86. Core Cultural Values and Culture Mapping

  87. Core Values

  88. Count the F's

  89. Crafting an Inclusion Philosophy

  90. Creativity Rubric (AAC&U)

  91. Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication

  92. Critical Mass

  93. Critical Reflection Rubric

  94. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

  95. Cross-Cultural Values

  96. Crossing Borders

  97. Cultivating Equitable Learning Opportunities for Students Experiencing Poverty (Webinar + Reflection)

  98. Cultural Adjustment, Power, and Personal Ethics

  99. Cultural Artifact Activity (Virtual)

  100. Cultural Autobiography