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Keep it Real RX

Board game designed to help players practice the skills of curiosity, openness and self-awareness. Website provides a teacher-student guide & also a virtual version of the physical game.  Cost listed at $65.00. The game is designed for use with learners of US high school age (approx. 15 years old) and above.

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Walking in Good Relations

Board game designed by a talented creative team of First Nations women. Currently available only in a 4-game or 8-game set with teaching notes, designed for K-12 schools or school districts."At-home" edition was said to be "in the works" as of mid-December 2021. Team also offers a "Decolonizing Activity Book" and other inclusion education materials & workshops. 4-game kit listed as costing $280 as of 4-29-2022.  Activity book listed as $8.00.

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Universal, Cultural or Personal? Card Game

Free card game developed by CILMAR staff, adapted from noted interculturalist Bruce LaBrack's "What's Up With Culture" (open source) materials. As a result of this activity, participants will be able to: 1. Distinguish between three dimensions of human behavior (universal, cultural, and personal). 2. Identify the dangers of inaccurately identifying the motivations for behavior. 3. Apply this analytical skill to authentic relationships and interactions. Downloads include a lesson plan and the quiz cards.

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Study Abroad Advice Card Game

Free card game created by CILMAR in partnership with Purdue Study Abroad advisors. Downloads include a lesson plan and a printable set of cards. As a result of this activity, participants will be able to: 1. Identify effective strategies for succeeding in study abroad programs. 2. Determine whether strategies are best applied before, during, or after study abroad. 3. Discuss which strategies are the best fit for their particular contexts.

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Mental Blocks

A card game (available from Pandasaurus Games) on perspective shifting, suitable for ages 8 and up, with lesson plan developed by a former CILMAR graduate assistant, Margaret Sheble. Cost of the card game is listed on Amazon at $39.95, although some gamer sites may offer it for less.

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A board game, by the Tesa Collective, somewhat like Monopoly, but intended to reward cooperation. Suitable for ages 10 and up. " Designed for families and friends who want to play together instead of competing against each other, and groups thinking about starting a cooperative or improving skills as collaborators. "  Cost listed at $35 as of 4-29-2022.

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Migrant Challenges (a Diversophy Game)

A free,downloadable card game, developed as part of a social well-being collaboration of Diversophy Games and JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland.  Intended to develop curiosity, openness and understanding.  Be sure to also search the HubICL digital toolbox for other "diversophy" games (cost varies), including diversiSMILES mini-game.

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Story Stitch

This card game helps participants to develop empathy for people from varied backgrounds and experiences, demonstrate intentional listening, & build relationships through sharing experiences. Currently listed as costing $18.99 (as of 4-29-2022).

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Intercultural Development Orientation Classifications Card Game

A free card game, developed by CILMAR staff members, in which participants identify statements indicative of various orientations on the Intercultural Development Continuum, as well as reflect on connections between the orientations and their own life experiences.  It works well as part of an IDI group debriefing, to help explain the model before discussing aggregate group results.  May also be used in situations where you wish to help team leaders recognize & uplift effective intercultural behavior without the cost of administering the IDI instrument.

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Use of Force Card Game

A free card game devised by CILMAR staff to encourage perspective-sharing and facilitate brave discussions following a use-of-force incident in a community. Was "in production" as of 4-29-2022, so you may need to wait a week to access it.

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Trip Around Europe & Trip Around Europe 2

Two of a series of six short, free, downloadable electronic games which introduce some basic differences about cultures in Europe. Created in 2007 as part of a project funded by the European Union for those who work with youth groups; the series also includes e-games focused on Human Rights and Leadership (project management).

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In the Village

In The Village is a cooperative card game for 3-5 players, who must use nets, medications,and insecticides to stave off the threat of malaria in their village.  In order to win all players must cooperate, discuss, and share limited resources or none will survive.  Suitable for ages 12 and up.  Currently listing as costing $15.00 (as of 4-29-2022).

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Rise Up!

Rise Up is a board game about building people power and winning together to create social justice—even when the cards are stacked against us. All players are on the same team, collaborating to build a movement and fight an opponent that is trying to crush your efforts. Suitable for ages 10 and up.  Currently listed as costing $37.00 (as of 4-29-2022).

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Lego Privilege Game (How Easy is My Daily Life)

Designed to use Legos to lead participants to an understanding of privilege as unearned advantage without initial use of the term (privilege), which can be polarizing or scary for many. Not a board or card game, but we include it here anyway, because stacking the Legos feels playful in nature and also, like many board or card games, it requires purchasing materials.

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