The Transculturation in Introductory Composition research team seeks to increase undergraduate students’ intercultural competence by designing and implementing first-year writing courses that encourage meaningful intercultural interaction among international and domestic students. Our innovative model links mainstream and second-language-focused first-year writing sections to expose students to diverse texts, structured intercultural interactions, and sequenced writing assignments supported by team-taught pedagogical interventions.


Learning Objectives

  • Strengthen the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for intercultural effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness of diverse audiences, situations, and contexts.
  • Critically analyze culture through reading, writing, discussion, and reflection. 
  • Display effective and appropriate behavior and communication in intercultural situations.


Curriculum resources

With generous support from CILMAR and the Council of Writing Program Administrators, we have created four publications to share this curriculum with institutions interested in adapting our model to their contexts.

  1. Instructor manual: Describes the structure of the linked courses, the learning outcomes, and the four key curricular interventions of our model. 24pp. 
  2. Implementation guide: Designed to help writing program administrators adapt our model to a variety of curricular structures and contexts. 13pp. 
  3. Online course delivery plan: Guidance for adapting the curriculum to the modular approach typical for online and hybrid instruction. 19pp. 
  4. Sample materials: Collated sample syllabi and assignments using the Transculturation model, presented as a single document. Individual files are also available. 24pp.

All documents are licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution license, meaning all are welcome to use and adapt our materials as long as our work is cited and derivative works are similarly shared. Suggested citations are included in every document.

We invite your feedback using the comments feature of HubICL or by writing to info@writeic.org


About Transculturation in Introductory Composition

Our project was developed by four graduate students in the Second Language Studies and Rhetoric and Composition programs at Purdue University, with the support of undergraduate research assistants Yiqiu Echo Yan and Ryan Day, and guidance from professor Bradley Dilger

  • Rebekah Sims, U of Strathclyde
  • Parva Panahi, Metropolitan State U, Minneapolis - St Paul, MN
  • Hadi Banat, U of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Phuong Minh Tran, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL

For more information, please see our website: writeic.org. If you need access to any of the publications listed below, please write to info@writeic.org