Subgroup Size

Large Group


1 hour and 30 minutes

External Cost


Lesson Plan


Gochenour, T. (1993). The albatross. In T. Gochenour (Ed.), Beyond experience, (2nd ed., p. 119-127). Intercultural Press.

If you make food a part of this simulation, be prepared for people to refuse to eat if they have dietary restrictions. Have a protocol or solution in mind for dealing with gluten-free, allergies, dairy-free, etc.

Also note that the original activity relies on a binary view of gender (man and woman) that is often considered outdated and does not reflect current understandings of gender as a spectrum or non-binary. Therefore, facilitators may choose to omit gender from the activity and instead have the actors portraying the Albatrosians choose participants at random to play the two different roles. Please use the updated instructions in the lesson plan in the Downloads section if you would like to omit gender.