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  1. Poker Face

    Collections | 04 Nov 2022 | Posted by Annette Benson

    This activity challenges participants to interrogate how stereotypes affect our first impressions and the value that we place on others. In this activity, participants will place one card from...

  2. Pacing

    Collections | 04 Nov 2022 | Posted by Annette Benson

    This activity challenges participants to recognize different communication patterns involving pacing. They will also reflect on how differences in pacing are perceived and how they might interact...

  3. The Parable

    Collections | 04 Nov 2022 | Posted by Annette Benson

    This activity uses a parable—a story that typically imparts a moral lesson—to get participants thinking about cultural differences and similarities. Participants will first read a...

  4. Emic Perspective

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson presents the concepts of etic (outsider/objective) and emic (insider/subjective) understanding of culture. The slides explain the differences in these two perspectives, offer motivation...

  5. A Flower's Point of View

    Collections | 03 Jul 2020 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    For those of you abroad in TEFL settings with classrooms that are more homogenous... From the main Digital Toolbox page (remember, under the Discover top menu), try searching a) for an...

  6. Guidance for students as they get to know one another

    Collections | 10 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    This set of questions might be a good way for pairs or small groups to get to know each other in a COIL/international virtual education experience. I would encourage the use of synchronous meeting...

  7. Critiques of Peace Corps, Volontourism, etc.

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Readings from various sources (and uneven quality of writing) that draw attention to international volunteer "do-good" efforts and to Peace Corps as a US government program operating in a...

  8. Raising Self-Awareness and Developing Intercultural Competence by Activating Personal Filters (article)

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Scott-Monkhouse, Anila & Rigamonti, Enrica. (2015). Raising Self-awareness and developing intercultural competence by activating personal filters. CASALC Review. Abstract excerpt:...

  9. Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory (ICS) Group Debriefing

    Collections | 25 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Slides used with PCP students who had taken the Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory. Used to generate self- and other awareness.

  10. Accident Exercise, An

  11. Adapt or Be Yourself

  12. AEM-Cube®

  13. AFS Global Competence Certificate

  14. Albatross

  15. Alpha-beta Partnership

  16. Amazing Race, The!: A Cultural Scavenger Hunt

  17. Analyzing Your Field in a New Country

  18. Applying Cultural Intelligence in Daily Work and Life

  19. Archie Bunker's Neighborhood

  20. Assessing Intercultural Competence Survey (for adolescents)

  21. Attribution Exercises

  22. Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE)

  23. Awareness Exercises: What to Feel/Do

  24. Awareness of Culture Difference Exercises

  25. BaFa' BaFa'

  26. Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)

  27. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules Volume One (REL1)

  28. Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: Racial Equity Learning Modules Volume Two (REL2)

  29. Blog Abroad

  30. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

  31. Building a Better World : The Pedagogy and Practice of Ethical Global Service Learning

  32. Building a House for Diversity

  33. Building Cultural Bridges to Communication

  34. Building Global Competency in the Intercultural Classroom

  35. Building Team Communication

  36. Building Utopiastan

  37. Chair Power

  38. Check Your Bias Blind Spot

  39. Chiji Pocket Processors

  40. Chiji Processing Cards

  41. Chiji Processing Dice

  42. Chocolate Milk and Shades of Skin Colors

  43. Civic Action Scrapbook

  44. Color in Culture

  45. Communicating across Cultures (Agriculture Multicultural Course)

  46. Communicating Policy in a Cultural Context

  47. Communication Continuum Exercise (Detached, Attached and Intuitive)

  48. Community Partners

  49. Compliment Response

  50. Complimentary Round Table

  51. Conversation Starters: 200 questions to get to know someone

  52. Core Cultural Values and Culture Mapping

  53. COVID-19 & Intersectionality

  54. Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication

  55. Critical Mass

  56. Cross-Cultural Checklist

  57. Cross-Cultural Encounters

  58. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

  59. Cross-Cultural Values

  60. Crossing Borders

  61. Cultural Adjustment, Power, and Personal Ethics

  62. Cultural Intelligence MOOC

  63. Cultural Mentoring Course #1 (E-mentoring)

  64. Cultural Mentoring Course #2 (Returnees)

  65. Cultural Mentoring Course #3 (On-site)

  66. Cultural Mentoring Course #4 (E-mentoring)

  67. Cultural Mentoring Course #5 (Returnees)

  68. Cultural Mentoring Course #6 (On-Site)

  69. Cultural Question Jar

  70. Cultural Quiz

  71. Cultural Worldview Frameworks

  72. Culture and Values

  73. Culture Buff

  74. Culture Capsules

  75. Culture Compass, The

  76. Culture Crush Game

  77. Culture Matters: The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook

  78. Culture Shock

  79. Culture Shock (Hofstede)

  80. Culture Shock Absorber

  81. Curious "Show & Not Tell" Icebreaker

  82. Danger of a Single Story

  83. Debriefing Dice

  84. Deconstructing the Social Media Video “KONY 2012" Activity

  85. Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight

  86. Developing Cultural Mindedness: A Guidebook For Generating Stronger Intercultural Service

  87. Dialogue, The

  88. DIE (D-I-E) (Describe-Interpret-Evaluate)

  89. Digital Story Rubric

  90. Disciplinary Complexity Through the Use of "Thinking Hats"

  91. diversiSMILES Mini-Game

  92. diversiTASTES

  93. Diversity and Inclusion MOOC

  94. diversophy® Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation

  95. diversophy® New Horizons

  96. Dividing the Spoils

  97. Dollar Street

  98. Draw a House

  99. ECOdiversophy

  100. Ecotonos: A Simulation for Collaborating Across Cultures