Story Stitch

"Green Card Voices is a Minneapolis based, nationally growing non profit that connects immigrants and their communities through multimedia storytelling."

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Crossing Borders Education Documentaries

Crossing Borders Education's "documentary trilogy brings diversity in our world directly to your doorstep. The films are designed to initiate, prepare and support intergroup dialogues, practice communication skills and deepen intercultural understanding."

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The Story of Me, Us, and Now

This activity challenges participants to better comprehend the concept of empathy by embracing their own story, sharing it, and processing it with someone different than them. To effectively empathize with someone, it helps to first form a personal connection. In this activity, participants will pair up with someone who is culturally different from them. Then, they will share their personal experiences with each other and determine how their stories intersect.

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Counter-storytelling, a method often used in critical race theory, highlights the stories of individuals who are marginalized within society. It aims to push back against dominant narratives that often privilege certain voices over others. This activity introduces the concept of counter-storytelling through the points of view of Asian/ Asian American individuals who have experienced racialized microaggressions. Participants will first read excerpts from Yeo et al. (2019) and watch three videos that depict Asian/Asian American perspectives on the microaggressions they endure because of their race. Then, they will discuss these videos as examples of counter-stories and identify what they can learn from these perspectives.

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Collaborative Storytelling: Meeting Indigenous Peoples' Desires for Self-Determination in Research

"One means of addressing indigenous peoples' desire for self-determination in educational research is to develop collaborative storytelling as a research approach. Such an approach, when conducted within indigenous ways of knowing, facilitates ongoing collaborative analysis and construction of meaning about participants' lived experiences" (Bishop, p. 1, 1999).

Bishop, R. (1999). Collaborative storytelling: Meeting Indigenous Peoples' desires for self-determination in research.

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Manual for developing intercultural competencies: Story Circles

This book by Darla K. Deardorff introduces the use of Story Circles to develop intercultural competence.

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{THE AND} On Racism Edition

From The Skin Deep: "Are you ready to start having meaningful conversations about social justice? {THE AND} On Racism Edition is the perfect tool for those who want to delve deeper into critical issues surrounding racial equity, prejudice, and privilege. Collaboratively created by activist and author Sonya Renee Taylor of The Body is Not An Apology and leadership facilitator Didier Sylvain, this edition features 199 thought-provoking prompts that will help you initiate honest and open dialogue. Through using this powerful starting point, you can learn from yourself and the relationships around you to make a difference. Don't wait any longer to take action towards social justice and self growth--start your journey with {THE AND} On Racism Edition today."

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Building Resilience through the Development of Intercultural Competencies: Story Circles

"Story Circles is a structured yet flexible methodology for developing intercultural competencies in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal..."

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Beyond Traditional Conceptualizations of Rhetoric: Invitational Rhetoric and a Move Toward Civility

"Although not the first, the theory of invitational rhetoric offers a significant challenge to a strict definition of rhetoric as persuasion. Invitational rhetoric's link to feminism, paring of persuasion with violence, and the polysemic nature of theory, generated both interest and critique. This essay explores six common critiques of invitational rhetoric and illustrates the ways that invitational rhetoric is at work in the world in both historical and contemporary public deliberations. The essay concludes by articulating a link between invitational rhetoric and civility, suggesting that invitational rhetoric and civility are a means to create ethical exchanges in difficult situations" (Bone et al., p. 1, 2008). 

Bone, J. E., Griffin, C. L., & Scholz, T. L. (2008). Beyond traditional conceptualizations of rhetoric: Invitational rhetoric and a move toward civility. Western Journal of Communication72(4), 434-462.

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Storytelling for Social Justice: Connecting Narrative and the Arts in Antiracist Teaching

"Through accessible language and candid discussions, Storytelling for Social Justice explores the stories we tell ourselves and each other about race and racism in our society."

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Cautionary Tales

Lifeboat and Adjectives (document file included in this post - these are two examples of activities that were used in diversity trainings that did not end well, resulting in reinforced stereotypes and in one case, a major lawsuit - exercise caution!)

A Retrospective View of Corporate Diversity Training From 1964 to the Present

Who’d Be on Your Spaceship? A School Exercise Backfires in Ohio

Lucky Stores will Pay Millions to Women in Job Bias Lawsuit

Case: Stender v. Lucky Stores, Inc.

Alien Among Us (another version of Lifeboat)

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Situated Intercultural Measure of Behaviors & Attitudes (SIMBA)

This survey is based on the Wesleyan Intercultural Competence Scale (WICS) created by Steven Stemler, Toshie Imada, and Carolyn Sorkin of Wesleyan University (Frontiers vol. 24, Fall 2014). The current version was revised and edited by Dr. Daniel Jones and Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair of the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research at Purdue University. We are in the process of validating it. 

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Semester Abroad in Intercultural Learning (SAIL) course

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Growing, Learning and Understanding Everyone

Please peruse this website to learn more about the GLUE curriculum. 

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Scenery, Machinery and People

This activity challenges participants to consider how they view people in different situations and from different cultures, as well as how empathy impacts our views of others.

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SAIL & GLUE Slides

This is the presentation we used during the session. 

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Scaling up Intercultural Learning on Campus: Curricular Innovation for any Discipline

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Questions Across Cultures

An intercultural activity which teaches Dr. Stella Ting-Toomey's EAS model for asking effective, appropriate, and satisfactory questions

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A Life Without Questions or No Questions, Please!

An exercise by Dr. Nagesh Rao 

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Teaching Intercultural Curiosity that Builds Bridges instead of Barricades

Slides for the presentation

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Presentation Materials

This includes our slides and the learning plan we used during our pre-conference workshop, including references. 

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Experiential Materials Used for Demonstration Purposes

(Air) Handshake Mingle:

Magic Spelling:

By the Numbers:


Poker Face:

Crossing Borders Education (Peer-led Dialogues):

Crossing Borders Education is a non-profit organization that specializes in interactive peer programs harnessing the power of film and empathic dialogue. They've developed virtual peer-led dialogue sessions based on their interactive program design and dialogue methodology. In our pre-conference workshop, we did an abbreviated demo version of the virtual dialogues, but applied it to an in-person context. If you are interested in applying the virtual dialogues within your institutional context, please contact CBE directly. 

Listening Deeply for Values:

Mindful Me:

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SIETAR-USA presentations

A presentation on emotion labor was given at the SIETAR-USA national conference in November 2022 and again in a webinar format in January 2024. This Collection contains both versions, with little difference between the two.

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Profile picture of Annette Benson

Annette Benson onto Emotion Labor