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Intercultural game sessions - Global Rejig diversophy®

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Bring people together – the power of interaction

· each Thursday at 6pm UTC ·

December 10th: Relationships cannot be developed and become meaningful if they are not based on mutual trust. How can trust be built in the intercultural world of the "new normal", social distance and virtual cooperation? 

With the arrival of a global disruptive factor called Covid19, we are required to keep physical contact to a minimum, be “socially distant”, refrain from kissing, hugging, or shaking hands.
Greetings and etiquette show only one side of trust-building, even though a handshake deal can be in theory legally enforceable. A weak handshake, or an overly strong one can influence our impression of a prospective business partner, and hence our opinion, like or dislike of this person.
This Thursday, participants from around the world will meet and look for answers through diversophy® game. Join in! A new game by Dr. Zeina Matar and students at DHBW University in Stuttgart, Germany: Rahul Purohit and Shubhanshu Shubhanshu.

This is an invitation to the intercultural educational game diversophy®. In a safe gaming environment, it triggers a discussion between players from all over the world, enhances the knowledge and skills needed to communicate successfully with people of other backgrounds, and helps to understand the dynamics of one' own culture.

These are free events, and everyone is welcome!


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When: Thursday 10 December, 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm GMT
Where: Online
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  4. diversity & inclusion
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  13. virtual intercultural learning
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