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  1. Instructional Materials for Portable Intercultural Modules (PIM): Tricky Communication

    Collections | 01 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    Portable Intercultural Modules (PIM) are small learning units focused on a single element of intercultural competence (one construct from the American Association of Colleges & Universities...


  2. Counter-Storytelling

    Collections | 29 Feb 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    Counter-storytelling, a method often used in critical race theory, highlights the stories of individuals who are marginalized within society. It aims to push back against dominant narratives that...


  3. Questions Across Cultures

    Collections | 22 Sep 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    We often hail curiosity in getting to know culturally different others as an interculturally competent trait, but not many tools exist to help develop skills for deploying curiosity appropriately....


  4. Questions Across Cultures

    Collections | 28 Mar 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    In this activity, participants will be challenged to consider the concept of curiosity and develop strategies for asking cultural questions that are effective, appropriate, and satisfactory.


  5. Addressing Microaggressions


  6. Portable Intercultural Module (PIM): Tricky Communication: Intent vs. Impact


  7. Questions Across Cultures