Pendulum Intercultural Development Continuum Worksheet

Subgroup Size



20 minutes

External Cost



Based on the open access article: Acheson, K., & Schneider-Bean, S. (2019). Representing the Intercultural Development Continuum as a pendulum: Addressing the lived experiences of intercultural competence development and maintenance. European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, 5(1), 42-61.

After completing and discussing this worksheet, learners will 1. apply the metaphor of a pendulum to their own experiences for a more robust and realistic understanding of their own intercultural competence, 2. reflect on the outside forces/events/environmental factors that impede their development of intercultural competence by pulling them towards a focus on similarity and difference (magnets), and 3. identify strategies and behaviors they can employ to stay balanced and maintain their intercultural competence (anchors).