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  1. What It Means to be a Global Citizen

    Collections | 06 Jul 2021 | Posted by Niall A Peach

    Watching this video enables participants to explain the meaning of the terms: global citizenship, cosmopolitan and difference and discuss how difference matters in today's society and in their...

  2. Looking to embed existing modules into your course?

    Collections | 28 Apr 2020 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    I highly recommend the modules offered by CoreCollaborative International in collaboration with Crossing Borders Education. They use an innovative method and evidence-based best practices and have...

  3. Adapt or Be Yourself

  4. Addressing Microaggressions

  5. Advertising and Marketing Across Cultures

  6. Chain of Diversity

  7. Circle of Trust

  8. Color in Culture

  9. Conversation Starters: 200 questions to get to know someone

  10. Critical Mass

  11. Cross-Cultural Checklist

  12. Culture and Values

  13. Culture Buff

  14. Culture Capsules

  15. Culture Matters: The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook

  16. Culture Shock (Hofstede)

  17. Curious "Show & Not Tell" Icebreaker

  18. Different Similarities

  19. Dollar Street

  20. Draw a House

  21. Emotion Semantics (article)

  22. Euro-rail ala Carte

  23. Examining the Syllabus as Cultural Artifact

  24. Exploring Faith and Vocation in a Global Context: Seminar Leader Manual for Short-Term Study Abroad

  25. Familiar and Unfamiliar

  26. Farewell, The: Family & Cultural Difference

  27. Finding Your Feet

  28. Foodways: Slurp

  29. Fostering Cultural Diplomacy in the Classroom

  30. Happy 10th Birthday!

  31. Hofstede Round Robin

  32. Hofstede Website Activity

  33. How Are We 'Supposed' To Be

  34. HSBC Cultural Differences Commercials

  35. Iceberg

  36. Identity-Based Rejection Sensitivity

  37. Intercultural People Bingo

  38. Journey to Gizmoland

  39. Knowing the Community: Sharing Activity

  40. Metaphors across Cultures

  41. Pendulum Intercultural Development Continuum Worksheet

  42. Photo Analysis: Women of Cover

  43. Potato Activity

  44. Radio Garden (free radio from around the world)

  45. Reclaiming our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment

  46. Recognizing Ineffective Responses to Cultural Differences

  47. Setting Yourself Aside

  48. Sharahad

  49. Similarities and Differences

  50. Six Differences

  51. Story Stitch

  52. Synthetic Culture Laboratory, The

  53. Synthetic Cultures versus Real Cultures

  54. Technology and the Global Society

  55. Third Culture Space

  56. Too American, Never American Enough

  57. Universal Cultural or Personal Card Game

  58. Up-Down-Up

  59. Values, Morals and Emotions

  60. VARK Questionnaire

  61. Walk Apart, Walk Together

  62. What Do They Bring?

  63. What Does It Mean to You?

  64. What It Means to be a Global Citizen

  65. Zoom In, Zoom Out