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Personal Identity Wheel

"The Personal Identity Wheel is a worksheet activity that encourages students to reflect on how they identify outside of social identifiers. The worksheet prompts students to list adjectives they would use to describe themselves, skills they have, favorite books, hobbies, etc. Unlike the Social Identity Wheel, this worksheet does not emphasize perception or context. It is best used as an icebreaker activity or in conjunction with the Social Identity Wheel in order to encourage students to reflect on the relationships and dissonances between their personal and social identities. The wheels can be used as a prompt for small or large group discussion or reflective writing on identity by using the Spectrum Activity, Questions of Identity." (LSA Inclusive Teaching Initiative, University of Michigan, 2017).

*This activity provides participants with identity category prompts. 

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Intercultural Learning Activities and Icebreakers for Exploring Multiple Identities

This collection is a compilation of activities that encourage participants to explore their various personal and social identities.

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