This month we welcome Dr.Lindsey Macdonald as our guest blogger for the HubICL Hubbub newsletter at In her blog Macdonald interviews Dr. Matthew Goode about his original intercultural learning tool "Childhood Saying," curated into the Intercultural Learning Hub at Would you like to contribute an activity to the HubICL Toolbox? The process is simple. To get started, go to close

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  1. Analyzing Cultural Attitudes

  2. Communication Pacing in "Among Us"

  3. Cultural Question Jar

  4. Global Engineering Competency Scale

  5. Mental Mapping

  6. Neighborhood Walk

  7. Pair Sculpt and Group Sculpt

  8. Personal Identity Wheel

  9. Photo Analysis: Women of Cover

  10. Reducing Stereotype Threats

  11. Street Dog's Life, A

  12. Word Cloud Discussion