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Motivation for Language Learning Quiz

This assessment measures emotions as possible barriers to effective learning, as well as emotional baggage that is brought to learning situations. 

This assessment is available online (see both the Links and Downloads sections in this tool). Participants can take the quiz on their own time and send results to the facilitator/instructor.

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My Plan for Intercultural Growth

In this activity, participants list activities that will help them personally develop in one domain of intercultural knowledge and competence from the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric. They also identify evidence that signals they have personally developed in that domain.  

All the materials required for this activity are available online (see both the Links and Downloads sections of this tool), and participants can complete the activity individually on their own time. 

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Episode 6: Embedding Intercultural Learning into World Languages: Italian at Purdue

This episode features Dr. Tatjana Babic Williams, Director of Italian Studies and Senior Lecturer, and Dr. Annalisa Mosca, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Italian 101-202 at Purdue University. They discuss the Italian program's efforts to redesign the curriculum to incorporate intercultural learning at all levels. In particular, they discuss their use of backwards design to embed intercultural learning outcomes into several of their courses. 

This post includes links to the episode recording (without Q&A), the presentation slides, and the following resources/tools referenced in the presentation:

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