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  1. Transnational Curriculum Design for Intercultural Learning in Writing Programs

    15 Nov 2022 | Publications | Contributor(s):

    By Parva Panahi Lazarjani1, Rebekah Sims, Hadi Banat, Phuong M Tran, Bradley Dilger2

    1. Purdue University 2. purdueuniversity

    Book chapter describing development of a transnational composition approach that links mainstream and second-language-focused courses to promote cross-cultural interaction and collaboration among...


  2. Instructor Manual: Transculturation in Introductory Composition

    Collections | 02 May 2022 | Posted by Lan Jin

    This manual introduces the Transculturation model for integrating intercultural competence into first-year writing courses. New instructors will find a description of the curricular...


  3. Episode 6: Embedding Intercultural Learning into World Languages: Italian at Purdue

    Collections | 06 Feb 2022 | Posted by Sharon L Borkowski

    This episode features Dr. Tatjana Babic Williams, Director of Italian Studies and Senior Lecturer, and Dr. Annalisa Mosca, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Italian 101-202 at Purdue University....


  4. Shi - 2020 Seed Grant - ICL in HTM students: Curriculum Design Perspectives

    02 Apr 2021 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Jieyu Shi

    In today’s ever-growing multicultural and complex environment, intercultural competence is of extreme importance to the hospitality and tourism field, which not only serves people from all over the...


  5. Embedding Intercultural Learning into World Languages: Italian at Purdue

    11 Aug 2020 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Tatjana Babic Williams1, Annalisa Mosca1

    Purdue University

    Dr. Tatjana Babic Williams and Dr. Annalisa Mosca discuss their move to creating asynchronous intercultural labs during the pandemic and an upcoming COIL project to fill in the gap left by a...


  6. 2019 Intercultural Pedagogy Grant Workshop Series

    Collections | 24 Feb 2020 | Posted by Holly Hyde Porter-Gaud School

    This collection includes the materials and PPTs for each of four Workshops along with homework assignments and supplemental materials. Additionally, pre-Workshop and program completion materials...