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  1. Intercultural Learning Activities to Explore and Address Bias

    Collections | 05 Jul 2024 | Posted by Annette Benson

    Circle of Trust (15 minutes) In this activity, participants take stock of the individuals in their personal circle of trust and assess shared and differing identities (gender, sexual...


  2. Intercultural Learning Activities

    Collections | 14 Jun 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    Contextualizing Identities (1 hour) In this activity, participants explore how different identities become more salient under different circumstances. Too American, Never American...


  3. Activities to Foster Networks, Connectedness, and Belonging

    Collections | 18 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    How Diverse Is Your Universe?  In this activity, participants reflect on the identities of people they encounter regularly and are encouraged to exercise awareness around the depth of...


  4. Belonging, Connectedness, and Well-being Assessment Tools

    Collections | 18 Apr 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    This list provides assessments measuring belongingness, connectedness, and/or well-being in individuals.  Inventory of Thriving  Inventory included on the final pages (Su et...


  5. Intercultural Contact, Competence, and Conviviality: A Proposal for Campus Engagement and Belonging

    Collections | 02 Apr 2024 | Posted by Purdue CILMAR

    Buntain, L. (2021). Intercultural contact, competence, and conviviality: A proposal for campus engagement and belonging (Publication No. 30506429) [Doctoral dissertation, Purdue...


  6. Intercultural Learning Activities

    Collections | 28 Mar 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    The Parable, an activity Disagree Better: Empathy Gym, an activity Guess the Emotion, an activity A Flower’s Point of View, an activity Connecting Empathetically, an...


  7. Defining Empathy

    Collections | 28 Mar 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    Empathy not Sympathy, an activity Empathy Bingo Exercise, an activity


  8. Hand Shake Mingle

    Collections | 18 Mar 2024 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    In this activity, participants greet one another by pairing up, finding new partners, and returning to previous partners in order to "build connections with a few partners" (Stanchfield,...


  9. Story Circles

    Collections | 23 Aug 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    As a result of this activity, participants will be able to practice listening for understanding, demonstrate respect, curiosity and empathy for others, and develop relationships with...


  10. Identity Beads

    Collections | 29 Apr 2023 | Posted by Kelsey Patton

    This activity engages participants' self-awareness by encouraging learners to reflect on the concept of identity and the identities with which they identify. Participants are also encouraged to...


  11. Story Stitch

    Collections | 21 Mar 2023 | Posted by Annette Benson

    This activity invites participants to develop empathy for people from varied backgrounds and experiences, demonstrate intentional listening, and build relationships through sharing...


  12. Nov 18 2022

    2022 NAFSA Region VI and VIII Conference - An experiential and interactive lesson plan for appreciating difference

    Chair:Annette K. Benson, MS.Senior Public Relations ConsultantPurdue University-Main CampusLafayette, INDescription:This session was born from an invitation some years ago to speak to a group of...


  13. Just Smile!

    Collections | 02 Nov 2020 | Posted by Annette Benson

    This activity challenges participants to define the concept of emotion labor, identify their own and others’ emotion labor, and reflect on coping skills and positive outcomes for emotion labor.


  14. Empathy Not Sympathy

    Collections | 28 Oct 2020 | Posted by Annette Benson

    Watching this video will enable participants to recognize the difference between empathy and sympathy. 


  15. Air Handshake Mingle and No Touch Greetings


  16. Auditing Your Personal Networks


  17. Bridges


  18. Circle of Trust


  19. Empathy not Sympathy


  20. Five Minute Poem, The


  21. Friendship Network Grid


  22. Guess the Emotion


  23. Hand Shake Mingle


  24. I Am From Poems


  25. Just Smile!


  26. Knowing the Community: Sharing Activity


  27. Story Circles


  28. Story Stitch


  29. Tag Game, The


  30. What Does It Mean to You?