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Activities to Foster Networks, Connectedness, and Belonging

  • How Diverse Is Your Universe? 
    In this activity, participants reflect on the identities of people they encounter regularly and are encouraged to exercise awareness around the depth of interaction they have with people who have identities that differ from theirs. 
  • Auditing Your Personal Networks 
    In this activity, participants examine their personal and social networks, reflect on the relationships in their lives, gaps in these relationships, and their diversity, brainstorm ways to fill in their relationship gaps and improve their diversity, and analyze their own self-awareness of relationships and diversity.
  • Living in a Bubble 
    This activity challenges participants to begin developing deeper relationships with those who are different from them by reflecting on their own personal bubbles and how they might further develop relationships across difference.
  • Sense of Belonging 
    In this activity, participants discuss with one another topics that carry different meanings and significance across cultures (e.g., "nature," "community," "learning," etc.), to engage and get to know new people in a new way.
  • Speed Friending
    In this activity, participants rotate partners as they ask one another questions, recognizing similarities and differences between themselves and peers, develop group rapport, and grow their cultural curiosity.

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Belonging, Connectedness, and Well-being Assessment Tools

This list provides assessments measuring belongingness, connectedness, and/or well-being in individuals. 

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