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Supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants' Intercultural Competencies | Seed Grant 2021

Given the prominent role of graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in preparing pre-service teachers to be culturally relevant educators, [the authors] developed a series of online learning modules for GTAs in a College of Education to support their intercultural competency development. [The authors] developed the Introduction to Cultural Competency in Education online learning modules with two primary frameworks: (a) the Culture Cycle (Hamedani & Markus, 2019), which conceptualizes culture by ideas, institutions, interactions, and individuals; and (b) the Intercultural Development Continuum (Hammer, 2012), which supports individuals to reflect on their intercultural competencies and identify areas of growth, progressing from denial, polarization, minimization, acceptance, to adaptation.

Temitope F. Adeoye, Virginia T Cabrera, Daniela Castellanos-Reyes, Michael R Lolkus, Marquetta I Strait (2022). Supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants' Intercultural Competencies | Seed Grant 2021. (Version 2.0). https://hubicl.org/publications/167/2

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Developing an Outreach and Recruitment Model to Promote Diversity in Honors Study Abroad | Seed Grant 2020

This project aims to increase enrollment of students persistently underrepresented in study abroad programs, specifically URM students and first-generation students, through a model for outreach and recruitment in Honors College.

Swanson, N. W. (2021). Developing an Outreach and Recruitment Model to Promote Diversity in Honors Study Abroad | Seed Grant 2020. https://hubicl.org/publications/140/1.

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Intercultural Contact, Competence, and Conviviality: A Proposal for Campus Engagement and Belonging

Buntain, L. (2021). Intercultural contact, competence, and conviviality: A proposal for campus engagement and belonging (Publication No. 30506429) [Doctoral dissertation, Purdue University]. https://www.proquest.com/docview/2838333849?sourcetype=Dissertations%20&%20Theses

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Anything Students Can Learn, Staff and Faculty Can Learn Too: Intercultural Learning in Staff and Faculty Study Abroad

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of intercultural learning modules introduced to a faculty and staff study abroad program.

Buntain, L. (2023, April). Anything students can learn, staff and faculty can learn too: Intercultural learning in staff and faculty study abroad. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 35(1). https://frontiersjournal.org/index.php/Frontiers/article/view/738

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Fostering an Anti Racist and Inclusive Living Learning Community

The COVID-19 Crisis and Racial Justice & Equity: Addressing the Twin Pandemics

Anwer, M., & Phillips, R. (2021). Fostering an Anti-Racist and Inclusive Living-Learning Community. Journal of Higher Education Management, 36(1), 68.

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