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Intercultural Contact, Competence, and Conviviality: A Proposal for Campus Engagement and Belonging

Buntain, L. (2021). Intercultural contact, competence, and conviviality: A proposal for campus engagement and belonging (Publication No. 30506429) [Doctoral dissertation, Purdue University]. https://www.proquest.com/docview/2838333849?sourcetype=Dissertations%20&%20Theses

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Anything Students Can Learn, Staff and Faculty Can Learn Too: Intercultural Learning in Staff and Faculty Study Abroad

The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of intercultural learning modules introduced to a faculty and staff study abroad program.

Buntain, L. (2023, April). Anything students can learn, staff and faculty can learn too: Intercultural learning in staff and faculty study abroad. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 35(1). https://frontiersjournal.org/index.php/Frontiers/article/view/738

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Fostering an Anti Racist and Inclusive Living Learning Community

The COVID-19 Crisis and Racial Justice & Equity: Addressing the Twin Pandemics

Anwer, M., & Phillips, R. (2021). Fostering an Anti-Racist and Inclusive Living-Learning Community. Journal of Higher Education Management, 36(1), 68.

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