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  1. Adeoye - 2021 Seed Grant - Supporting Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Intercultural Competencies

    04 May 2022 | Reports/White Papers | Contributor(s):

    By Temitope F. Adeoye1, Virginia T Cabrera1, Daniela Castellanos-Reyes1, Michael R Lolkus1, Marquetta I Strait1

    Purdue University

    Given the prominent role of graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in preparingpre-service teachers to be culturally relevant educators, we developed a series of online learningmodules for GTAs in a...

  2. Comparison of pre-intervention IDI results from STEM and non-STEM undergraduate students

    12 Jun 2020 | Publications | Contributor(s):

    By Anne Lucietto1, Liza Russell1

    Purdue University

    This meta-analysis compares IDI pretest or baseline scores for Purdue STEM students with non-STEM students in published studies, drawing conclusions about disciplinary differences in orientations...

  3. Individualized Worksheet for the IDC Pendulum (Acheson & Schneider-Bean, 2019)

    19 May 2020 | Downloads | Contributor(s):

    By Kris Acheson-Clair, Sundae Schneider-Bean1


    Free worksheet that encourages reflection on the pendulum metaphor described in Acheson & Schneider-Bean (2019)

  4. Tatjana Babic-Williams on Intercultural Learning in Italian Courses

    15 Apr 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Tatjana Babic Williams


    Tatjana Babic-Williams, Italian faculty at Purdue University, presents on embedding intercultural learning into the Italian curriculum.

  5. Lata A. Krishnan on Study Abroad and Intercultural Learning

    26 Feb 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Lata Krishnan


    Join us for Dr. Lata Krishnan's presentation of her work funded by the 2018 CILMAR minigrant program.

  6. Teaching Faculty to Value Rubrics and Become Better Intercultural Mentors: An Outcomes Study

    07 Feb 2019 | Presentations | Contributor(s):

    By Katherine N. Yngve

    This peer-reviewed presentation from the IUPUI 2018 Assessment Institute describes creation of and outcomes from a series of faculty development workshops on effectively mentoring students'...

  7. Intercultural Development Outcomes of 24 Purdue Short-term Study Abroad programs

    06 Feb 2019 | Reports/White Papers | Contributor(s):

    By Katherine N. Yngve

    This report discusses learner outcomes of 24 "faculty-led" programs ranging in length from one to four weeks abroad, and compares outcomes of leaders who have had intercultural mentoring training...

  8. Ethics Across the IDC Activity

  9. Gay-Rights Movement Ventures Beyond Urban America

  10. IDC Stage Videos

  11. Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

  12. Intercultural Development Orientations Classification Card Game

  13. Kahoot Questions

  14. Mindsets

  15. Mindsets of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDC)

  16. Pendulum Intercultural Development Continuum Worksheet

  17. Understanding Empathy Through Jojo Rabbit