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  1. Emic Perspective

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson presents the concepts of etic (outsider/objective) and emic (insider/subjective) understanding of culture. The slides explain the differences in these two perspectives, offer motivation...

  2. Connect Your Cultural Dots

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson challenges participants to think more deeply about how culture contributes to everyday norms/behaviors and habits. With a partner, they will choose several cards from two sets: cultural...

  3. Thick Description Observation

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson challenges participants to practice thick description and dig deeper into how culture impacts how people design and use physical spaces. They will choose a space to observe and then...

  4. Turning the Tables

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This activity asks participants to create their own retelling of a popular movie, comic, novel, or historical event and reflect on their experience of shifting perspectives.

  5. Comfort with Discomfort

    Collections | 26 Jun 2022 | Posted by Jennifer Seabrook-Scott

    This lesson asks participants to reflect on their emotions and practice managing them during interactions that may be tense or uncomfortable. They can choose either to talk with a family member or...

  6. A great kinesthetic activity

    Collections | 18 Jan 2022 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    Language Envelopes takes a lot of effort to put together, but boy is it worth it! I love seeing students creatively trying to arrange objects into categories and eventually coming to the conclusion...

  7. Comfort with discomfort

    Collections | 18 Jan 2022 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    Part of openness, or the willingness to interact across cultural differences, is tolerance for discomfort (social, emotional, mental, physical), so activities like this can be helpful for students...

  8. Climate for learning and openness

    Collections | 12 Feb 2021 | Posted by Lan Jin'_Openness_to_Diversity_and_Challenge_A_Critical_Role_for_Faculty Citation: Ryder, A. J., Reason, R. D.,...

  9. 2019 IPG Workshop #4

    Collections | 14 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

  10. Week 01 - Intro & Campus walking tour (Amazing Race)

    Collections | 08 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

    This first workshop provides an overview of the requirements for the workshop series and program requirements. This is followed by a walking tour of central campus which also facilitates the...

  11. A good activity for pre-COIL orientation

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    D-I-E (Describe, Interpret, Evaluate) is an oldie but a goodie with an unfortunate name! When preparing students for study abroad or a COIL/international virtual education experience, it can be...

  12. More media possibilities - documentaries from Crossing Borders Education

    Collections | 07 Oct 2019 | Posted by Kris Acheson-Clair

    There are several excellent recent documentaries from CBE that work well to prep students for intercultural interactions, helping them to develop more self-awareness, openness, and empathy. These...

  13. AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric

    Collections | 27 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Identifies components of intercultural competence and a framework for assessing them. Widely used in higher ed since it is produced by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

  14. Anthropologist's Game

  15. Avoiding Common Equity Detours (Webinar + Reflection Exercises)

  16. Awareness Exercises: What to Feel/Do

  17. Belief in Oneness Scale

  18. Big Five Inventory-2

  19. Big Wind Blows, The

  20. Birds of a Feather

  21. Bridges

  22. Brief Mindfulness Practice

  23. By the Numbers

  24. Can Anyone Hear Me?

  25. Check Your Bias Blind Spot

  26. Civil Discourse - Smarter Every Day

  27. Comfort with Discomfort

  28. Compliment Response

  29. Connect Your Cultural Dots

  30. COVID-19 & Intersectionality

  31. Crafting an Inclusion Philosophy

  32. Cross-Cultural Values

  33. Cultivating Equitable Learning Opportunities for Students Experiencing Poverty (Webinar + Reflection)

  34. Cultural Adjustment, Power, and Personal Ethics

  35. Cultural Question Jar

  36. Culture and Values

  37. Culture Shock (Hofstede)

  38. Culture Shock Absorber

  39. DAE (D-A-E) (Describe-Analyze-Evaluate)

  40. Danger of a Single Story

  41. Diagnosis: Culture Shock

  42. DIE (D-I-E) (Describe-Interpret-Evaluate)

  43. Different Similarities

  44. Digging Deeper Diversity Questions

  45. Disciplinary Complexity Through the Use of "Thinking Hats"

  46. Ditching Deficit Ideology, Quitting Grit, Embracing Equity (Webinar + Reflection Exercise)

  47. Ditching Deficit Ideology: The First Step Toward Cultivating an Equity Commitment

  48. Emic Perspective

  49. Emotional Recovery Worksheet

  50. First Impressions Video

  51. Five Nosy Questions

  52. Global Engagement Survey

  53. Green Monkey

  54. Grocery Store Ethnography

  55. Hand Shake Mingle

  56. Heroes of Dialogue: Classroom Edition

  57. Herox's Journey

  58. HEXACO-60

  59. How Are You Feeling?

  60. I DIVE (Impact-Description-Interpretation-Values-Evaluation)

  61. Ice Sculpture (per antea Meteorite)

  62. ICEdge

  63. ICL in the Italian Classroom: Novice Italian II

  64. If I Woke Up Tomorrow

  65. Interaction Anxiousness Scale

  66. Intercultural Adjustment Potential Scale (ICAPS)

  67. Intercultural Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Short Scale PLUS - ASKS 2+

  68. Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (ISS-15)

  69. Inventory of Thriving

  70. Learning to Be a Threat to Inequity: Intro to Equity Literacy

  71. Let It Go!

  72. Luncheon Buffet

  73. Martians at the Airport

  74. Match the Bias Type (Quiz)

  75. O-S-E-E

  76. Openness to Diversity and Challenge Scale

  77. Openness to Diversity Assessment

  78. Potato Activity

  79. Power Differential Analysis

  80. Racial Equity and Education: Informing Ourselves, Transforming Our Schools

  81. Reclaiming our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment

  82. Respectful Interactions

  83. Roll the Dice

  84. Setting Yourself Aside

  85. Similarities and Differences

  86. Six Differences

  87. Snowball

  88. Star Employee Game

  89. Story Stitch

  90. Storytelling Podcast

  91. Street Dog's Life, A

  92. Taste of Culture, A

  93. Team Tally

  94. Ten Sentences

  95. Thick Description Observation

  96. Third Culture Space

  97. Turning the Tables

  98. Twenty-Five Questions

  99. Walking in Good Relations

  100. Webinar Series: An Equity Literacy Approach to Equitable Education