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Gapminder. (n.d.). Dollar street

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  1. User krisacheson's profile picture krisacheson 9:31 am 03 November 2020

    Beware - those who love photographs and have a deep curiosity about cultures around the world, it is very easy to go down a rabbit hole lose several hours in this site! Some things I love about the Dollar Street project, site, and activities that use them include:

    1. The rich storytelling in the imagery feels like self-presentation, as if these families are sitting down with me and showing me clips of their lives and favorite things. It doesn't feel voyeuristic, invasive, or otherizing. 

    2. There are multiple families from the countries included, and it is easy to find your way around to other families from the same place, so that site explorers are less tempted to essentialize, over-generalize, or assume homogeneity in the culture.

    3. The comparative nature of the site on the income spectrum is fabulous. Users absolutely come away with a sense of what resources and quality of life are possible in different areas of the world based on income.


    On the other hand, some food for thought:

    1. I would not send learners to this site without a debriefing discussion. Aside from the value I see in helping learners process their experiences through reflective debriefing in general, with this specific activity I see a potential risk of reinforcing stereotypes if learners are left completely to their own devices with the site. 

    2. I was mildly uncomfortable by the framing of income in USD only. It is wonderful that you can change the language of the site to many languages other than English, but that toggle does not alter the currency in which income is displayed (nor the names of the countries). It makes the site feel US-Centric.