Deconstructing the Social Media Video “KONY 2012" Activity

Subgroup Size

Small Group


1 hour

External Cost


Lesson Plan


Adapted from an activity created by Kevin M. Booker.

Booker, K. M. (2012, April 2) Deconstructing Kony 2012. POP E B.

Booker, K. M. (2012, April 10). Debriefing techniques. POP E B.

Invisible Children. (2012, March 5). KONY 2012. [Video]. YouTube.

As a result of this activity, participants will be able to: 1. Discover how media practices reflect cultural biases. 2. Identify their own cultural practices for telling a story through film. 3. Examine how different cultural practices in media production can lead to possible antagonism and misunderstanding.