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  1. What It Means to be a Global Citizen

    Collections | 06 Jul 2021 | Posted by Niall A Peach

    Watching this video enables participants to explain the meaning of the terms: global citizenship, cosmopolitan and difference and discuss how difference matters in today's society and in their...

  2. Archie Bunker's Neighborhood

  3. Attribution Exercises

  4. Avoiding Common Equity Detours (Webinar + Reflection Exercises)

  5. Awareness Exercises: What to Feel/Do

  6. Awareness of Culture Difference Exercises

  7. Bridges

  8. Building a House for Diversity

  9. Building Global Competency in the Intercultural Classroom

  10. Chair Power

  11. Check Your Bias Blind Spot

  12. Connect the Dots

  13. COVID-19 & Intersectionality

  14. Critical Mass

  15. Cross-Cultural Encounters

  16. Cross-Cultural Values

  17. Cultivating Equitable Learning Opportunities for Students Experiencing Poverty (Webinar + Reflection)

  18. Cultural Adjustment, Power, and Personal Ethics

  19. Culture Shock (Hofstede)

  20. Deconstructing the Social Media Video “KONY 2012" Activity

  21. DIE (D-I-E) (Describe-Interpret-Evaluate)

  22. Different Similarities

  23. Ditching Deficit Ideology, Quitting Grit, Embracing Equity (Webinar + Reflection Exercise)

  24. Ditching Deficit Ideology: The First Step Toward Cultivating an Equity Commitment

  25. Don't Just Smile!

  26. For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

  27. Fostering Cultural Diplomacy in the Classroom

  28. Good intentions are not enough: A decolonizing intercultural education

  29. Green Monkey

  30. Guess the Emotion

  31. Hidden Ways in Which Culture Differs, The

  32. Hofstede Round Robin

  33. Identity Dialogues

  34. Journey to Gizmoland

  35. Just Smile!

  36. Learning to Be a Threat to Inequity (Webinar + Reflection Exercises)

  37. Learning to Be a Threat to Inequity: Intro to Equity Literacy

  38. Let It Go!

  39. Martian Anthropology

  40. Mindful Me

  41. Mindsets

  42. My Plan for Intercultural Growth

  43. My Values

  44. O-S-E-E

  45. Personal Agendas in Teamwork

  46. Perspective Taking and Microfiction

  47. Perspective Taking in Email Communication

  48. Perspective-Taking Activity

  49. Photo Analysis

  50. Power of Leadership

  51. Racial Equity and Education: Informing Ourselves, Transforming Our Schools

  52. Reclaiming our Stories: Narratives of Identity, Resilience and Empowerment

  53. Role Playing

  54. Sharahad

  55. Six Differences

  56. StarPower

  57. Storytelling Podcast

  58. Synthetic Culture Laboratory, The

  59. Synthetic Cultures versus Real Cultures

  60. Ten Sentences

  61. Three Minute Breathing

  62. Too American, Never American Enough

  63. Trade Mission, The

  64. Understanding Equity and Inequity

  65. Webinar Series: An Equity Literacy Approach to Equitable Education

  66. What Do They Bring?

  67. What Do You See?

  68. What Does It Mean to You?

  69. What It Means to be a Global Citizen

  70. Workthink

  71. {THE AND} On Racism Edition