Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS)

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10 minutes

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Ang, S., Van Dyne, L., Koh, C., Ng, K. Y., Templer, K. J., Tay, C., & Chandrasekar, N. A. (2007). Cultural intelligence: Its measurement and effects on cultural judgment and decision making, cultural adaptation and task performance. Management and organization review, 3(3), 335-371.

The full survey is available as an appendix to the article referenced above.


An expanded and updated version of the CQS, which also measures cultural intelligence in domestic diversity contexts as well as one's cultural value orientations on a model derived from Hofstede's research, is available through the Cultural Intelligence Center

This instrument has a very rich research literature, particularly in disciplines relating to business, travel, and trade. We caution toolkit advocates that use of the CQS for anything other than research purposes requires a licensed CQS administrator.  Pricing for the on-line CQS varies, but is currently adverstised at about $23 for students and $60 for corporate professionals.

The original 20-question four-factor version of the CQS is free ONLY if used for research purposes or in K-16 educational settings.  A Spanish version of the original 20 question instrument has been developed:

An online basic version, which also gives normative profile comparisons and includes reflection questions, is available for use with study abroad participants or in domestic diversity contexts. More advanced versions of the on-line CQS include a personalized cultural values profile and the capacity to enact 360-degree intercultural effectiveness testing with peers, subordinates, and superiors in an organizational hierarchy.