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  1. Self-Reflection and Insight Scale

    Collections | 22 Oct 2022 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    This instrument was developed to measure capacity for self-regulated learning (also called life-long learning) and reflection among medical students. It measures Insight, Need for Reflection,...

  2. Scale of Ethnocultural Empathy

    Collections | 22 Oct 2022 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    This assessment measures: 1. Intellectual empathy, empathetic emotions and the communication between the two. 2. Empathetic feelings and expression; empathetic perspective-taking; acceptance of...

  3. Personal Report of Intercultural Communication Apprehension (PRICA) & Personal Report of Inter-Ethnic Communication Apprehension (PRECA)

    Collections | 22 Oct 2022 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    Intercultural and inter-ethnic communication apprehension is defined as anxiety about communicating across either cultural or ethnic difference. Full question set for both instruments is included...

  4. Attitude Towards Implicit Bias Instrument (ATIBI)

    Collections | 22 Oct 2022 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    The ATIBI was designed to measure the attitudes of health professional and students to instruction about implicit bias. It measures: [1] the degree to which an individual values implicit bias...

  5. Multi-dimensional Cultural Humility Scale (Gonzalez et al, 2021)

    Collections | 21 Oct 2022 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    This instrument is designed to measure openness, self-awareness, lack of ego, supportive-ness and capacity for self-critique. Questions can be found on page 61 of the attached article. Note that...

  6. Gauging Undergraduate Intercultural Competencies by Utilizing the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) as an Assessment Tool

    Collections | 25 Jan 2022 | Posted by James J Tanoos

  7. Starter Set of Suggested Socially Just Assessment Instruments

    Collections | 13 Feb 2021 | Posted by Katherine Yngve

    Socially Just Assessment, somewhat like "flipping" the lecture-based classroom structure to a more active-learning mode, is more of a methodology or a mindset than a set of specific...

  8. Master List of HubICL Assessment Tools

    10 Oct 2020 | Downloads | Contributor(s):

    By Katherine Yngve1, Lindsey M Macdonald1

    Purdue University

    This master list of assessment tools provides name, type and HubICL reference number. It is complete as of September 2020. Note that tools in the HubICL are subject to augmentation without notice!

  9. What are the best institutional assessments or audit tools for equity?

    Closed | Responses: 0

    I am currently working with a number of organizations and institutions on building  and increasing intercultural capacity. What are the best assessment tools to conduct an audit so they can...

  10. 2019 IPG Workshop #2

    Collections | 14 Nov 2019 | Posted by Daniel Charles Jones

  11. Fair Trade Learning Rubric

    Collections | 26 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    "Fair Trade Learning is global educational partnership exchange that prioritizes reciprocity in relationships through cooperative, cross-cultural participation in learning, service,...

  12. Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge Short Scale (A.S.K.S.2)

    Collections | 26 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Self-reporting intercultural competencies scale that aligns with the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric. Designed to be used pre, post, and post-retro with an experience....

  13. AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE Rubric

    Collections | 26 Jun 2019 | Posted by Aletha D Stahl

    Identifies components of intercultural competence. Widely used in higher ed since it is produced by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

  14. AEM-CubeĀ®

  15. Assessing Intercultural Competence Survey (for adolescents)

  16. Behavioral Rubric for Intercultural Competence

  17. Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)

  18. Big Five Inventory-2

  19. Classroom Critical Incident Questionnaire, The

  20. Clifton StrengthFinders

  21. Communication Flexibility Scale

  22. Content Analysis Rubric for Journals & Blogs

  23. Creating Cultural Competence

  24. Creativity Rubric (AAC&U)

  25. Critical Reflection Rubric

  26. Cultural Controllability Scale

  27. Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS)

  28. Culturally Responsive Classroom Climate Scale

  29. Culture Compass, The

  30. Curiosity and Exploration Inventory (CEI-II)

  31. Digital Story Rubric

  32. Effective Listening Inventory

  33. Ethnocultural Identity Behavioral Index

  34. Fair Trade Learning Rubric

  35. Food Attitudes Behavior Openness Scale (FABOS)

  36. Foreign Language Can-Do Statements

  37. Friendship Network Grid

  38. General Belongingness Scale

  39. Global Citizenship Inventory (for adolescents)

  40. Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB)

  41. Global Engagement Measurement Scale (GEMS)

  42. Global Engagement Survey

  43. Global Engineering Competency Scale

  44. Global Learning Short Scale

  45. Global Mindedness Scale (GMS)

  46. GlobeSmart Profile

  47. HEXACO-60

  48. How Are You Feeling?

  49. ICEdge

  50. IDADA: Individual Difference Approach to Diversity Awareness

  51. iLEAD Pre-Loneliness/Belongingness Survey

  52. Intensity Factors Index

  53. Intercultural Adjustment Potential Scale (ICAPS)

  54. Intercultural Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Short Scale PLUS - ASKS 2+

  55. Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory

  56. Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

  57. Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES)

  58. Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (ISS-15)

  59. Interpersonal Reactivity Index

  60. Inventory of Thriving

  61. Kolb Learning Style Inventory (LSI)

  62. LaFever's Medicine Wheel of Learning Outcomes

  63. Language Strategy Use Inventory

  64. Learning-Style Inventory

  65. Linking Values with Culture Quiz

  66. Match the Bias Type (Quiz)

  67. Miville-Guzman Universality-Diversity Scale (M-GUDS-S)

  68. Needs and Beliefs Map (Personal Culture Map)

  69. Nonverbal Communication Reflection Form

  70. Nonverbal Expressiveness Instrument

  71. One Minute Paper

  72. Openness to Diversity and Challenge Scale

  73. Openness to Diversity Assessment

  74. Project Implicit Association Tests (IAT) by Harvard

  75. Public Affairs Scale

  76. Revised Environmental Identity Scale

  77. Revised Sociocultural Adaptation Scale (SCAS-R)

  78. Rubrica Valutativa della Competenza Interculturale

  79. Self-Care Wheel and Worksheet

  80. Sense of Belongingness Scale

  81. Short-Form UCLA Loneliness Scale

  82. Social Connectedness Scale, The

  83. Sociocultural Adaptation Scale

  84. Taking My Motivational Temperature on a Language Task

  85. Team Assessment - Peer Feedback

  86. Team Values Assessment

  87. Teamwork Rubric (AAC&U)

  88. The Scale of Ethno-Cultural Empathy (SEE)

  89. Tolerance for Ambiguity Scale

  90. Toronto Empathy Questionnaire

  91. VARK Questionnaire

  92. Wesleyan Intercultural Competence Scale