Examining Monuments as Cultural Expression

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Created by Dr. J. Peter Moore and Dr. Rosanne Altstatt, Purdue University, John Martinson Honors College.

This activity was submitted by Dr. J. Peter Moore in fulfillment of the requirements of the Intercultural Pedagogy Grant program. 

This activity was created for an Honors College study abroad course on monuments and monument removal in the US and German contexts. 

If used in a study abroad context, this assignment can be adapted to the destination site. Instructors will need to create a list of site-specific resources to share with students.

We recommend designing a lecture and/or discussion utilizing the Links, other resources listed in the Lesson Plan, and any other applicable resources prior to introducing the assignment to students. If the assignment will be graded, we recommend adding a rubric and any additional assignment requirements to the Participant Instructions, in addition to a timeline for the presentation.