Effective Listening Inventory

Subgroup Size

Entire group


10 minutes

External Cost


Lesson Plan


Activity adapted by Katherine N. Yngve, CILMAR, from:


King, G. A., Servais, M., Bolack, L., Shepherd, T. A., & Willoughby, C. (2012). Development of a measure to assess effective listening and interactive communication skills in the delivery of children’s rehabilitation services. Disability and rehabilitation, 34(6), 459-469. 


Drollinger, T., Comer, L. B., & Warrington, P. T. (2006). Development and validation of the active empathetic listening scale. Psychology & Marketing, 23(2), 161-180.

An electronic or paper copy of the instrument and a self-scoring sheet for each participant (Downloads), plus a writing utensil.