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Defining & Practicing Socially Just Assessment (Henning & Lundquist)

Since publishing their initial think piece on Socially Just Assessment (NILOA, August, 2018), Henning & Lundquist have regularly offered further examples and discussion of the "SJA" concepts at professional educator conferences and on the Campus Labs-Anthology website. This presentation was among the first to offer concrete examples of what the various levels of engagement along their transformational continuum of socially just assessment might look like. (Examples begin on slide 15).

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Bibliography: the Scholarly Roots & Shoots of the Socially Just Assessment Project

This bibliography encompasses three categories of scholarly production and praxis related to Socially Just Assessment (SJA): citations of calls-to-action dating from 1977 through 2018, citations of frameworks & learning models relating to SJA, and a brief compendium of institutional case studies.  (For a more complete catalogue of case studies, see the Master List in this same HubICL collection.)

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Social Justice Assessment Project: 2019 SAAL Call-to-Action

"The aim of the project is to engage stakeholders across the field in a conversation about terms, ideas, and practices associated with culturally responsive and socially just assessment. To this end, a series of webinars and podcasts have been produced. The webinars and the podcast series..." are available here.

Additional details and support are available at the Student Affairs Assessment Leaders website (available from link above), including further blog posts, a listserv sign-up form and a repository of presentations, tools and tips about assessment in student affairs contexts.

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Evaluacion de estudiantes para Justicia Social: Propuesto de un modelo (2016)

This paper presents a proposal of a Model of Student’ Assessment for Social Justice that seeks to go further in the construction of an education that contributes to a real and deep transformation of society.

The proposed model considers and learns from several "alternative" student assessment approaches: Inclusive, Authentic, Culturally Responsive, Participatory, Democratic-Deliberative and Critical Assessment. With this, a three-dimensional model is formulated: equitable assessment, participatory assessment and critical assessment.

NOTE: Although the abstract is in English, this paper is in Spanish.

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Futurelab Literature Review on Assessment & Social Justice (2009)

This 2009 think piece on social justice & assessment focuses primarily on the British context & was among the very first to link related fields of assessment thought under the 'social justice' heading. It offers some useful definitions of terms, including of social justice, cultural justice and associational justice, as well as a thorough discussion of classroom & e-assessment.

 Prior to 2009, the few scholars who published on the often biased nature of educational assessment tended to use phrases like culturally-fair, culturally-responsive or anti-racist to describe assessment that looks to avoid and/or dismantle educational inequity.

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Starter Set of Suggested Socially Just Assessment Instruments

Socially Just Assessment, somewhat like "flipping" the lecture-based classroom structure to a more active-learning mode, is more of a methodology or a mindset than a set of specific instruments or activities.  That said, the items listed in this resource can be particularly helpful to formative assessment of individual and institutional capacity to co-create more socially just societies.

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