This month we welcome Dr.Lindsey Macdonald as our guest blogger for the HubICL Hubbub newsletter at In her blog Macdonald interviews Dr. Matthew Goode about his original intercultural learning tool "Childhood Saying," curated into the Intercultural Learning Hub at Would you like to contribute an activity to the HubICL Toolbox? The process is simple. To get started, go to close

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  1. Advertisements of Our Own

  2. Alien Among Us, An

  3. Analyzing Your Field in a New Country

  4. Archie Bunker's Neighborhood

  5. Barnga

  6. Be Specific! (Snowflake)

  7. Birds of a Feather

  8. By the Numbers

  9. Circle of Trust

  10. Circles of My Multicultural Self

  11. Cross-Cultural Values

  12. Crossing Borders

  13. Cultural Controllability Scale

  14. Culturally Responsive Classroom Climate Scale

  15. Culture Compass, The

  16. Curious "Show & Not Tell" Icebreaker

  17. Danger of a Single Story

  18. DIE (D-I-E) (Describe-Interpret-Evaluate)

  19. DIVE (D.I.V.E. Model) (Describe-Interpret-Verify-Evaluate)

  20. Examining the Syllabus as Cultural Artifact

  21. First Impressions Video

  22. Guided writing exercises

  23. I DIVE (Impact-Description-Interpretation-Values-Evaluation)

  24. IDADA: Individual Difference Approach to Diversity Awareness

  25. Implicit Bias and Self-Regulation

  26. Intersecting Identities: "Coming Out Meatless"

  27. Jolt of Reality, A

  28. Journey to Gizmoland

  29. Just Rescue

  30. Keep It Real Game

  31. Listening Deeply for Values

  32. LPPT

  33. Magazines

  34. Match the Bias Type (Quiz)

  35. Me and My Team

  36. Meet the Trainer

  37. Monochronic-Polychronic Quiz

  38. Newton

  39. O-S-E-E

  40. Personal Agendas in Teamwork

  41. Self-Care 101

  42. Sentry, The

  43. Sharahad

  44. Street Dog's Life, A

  45. Synthetic Cultures versus Real Cultures

  46. Understanding Equity and Inequity

  47. Universal Cultural or Personal Card Game

  48. Visible and Invisible Values

  49. What Do You See?

  50. Where Are You From?

  51. Where Do You Draw the Line?

  52. Who Do You Think I Am?